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AIG Japan Commitment to Well-Being and Comprehensive Health Management

As part of our vision of becoming our clients' most valued insurer, AIG Japan's ACTIVE CARE concept means that we leverage our globally accumulated risk expertise to help our customers identify and reduce risk before it occurs. It also means that we envision a safer, healthier future for all.

In order to truly deliver on our ACTIVE CARE promise and respond to our customers' needs, AIG itself must be strong and healthy, and this extends to our employees and their families. For AIG to remain a risk-resilient company, our employees need to have a balanced, healthy, and vibrant life that allows them to bring the best version of themselves to work while also enjoying life to its fullest. It also means employees need to be risk-aware in their own lives and health-conscious on a daily basis while aiming to reduce risk and prevent unexpected events from happening to them and their families.

To help our employees achieve the above, AIG hereby declares our commitment to creating a work environment where everyone can work in a healthy and positive way, where we strive to increase corporate value and we actively promote health management through the concerted efforts of employees, the company as a whole, the labor union, and the health insurance union. Together, this will bring us all another step closer to being our clients' most valued insurer.


AIG Japan Holdings Co., Ltd. became a member in May 2015 in was established by the NPO Fathering Japan "Ikubosu business alliance". "Ikubosu corporate alliance" is, in which the same NPO corporation in order to train managers that can diversity management was established as part of the business that have deployed , actively perform the management of the awareness of our own, is a network of companies that let grow a new era of ideal boss (Ikubosu). We will conduct the sharing and event study sessions of know-how among member companies. In response to the accession to this network, in the domestic American International Group, Inc. (AIG), and career of each employee, child care and nursing care, etc. we continue to will continue to complete the recognized AER build a workplace environment together the diversity of the priorities of everyday life.