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3. 英語学習

"Multilingualism " is a way of life in AIG, and language learning is supported in a number of ways. Employees have access to a range of classroom and online training programs to support their English learning. Beside formal learning, there are also clubs and other initiatives that encourage use of English through activities and the networking opportunities they provide. However, by far the most significant factor is the opportunity to work in a culturally diverse organization, where English is often the common language of communication. If you want to really use English in your career, AIG can offer that opportunity."

2. スキルアッププログラム


4. 自己学習

自己学習の機会として、各種eラーニング、通信教育コース、保険知識講座 (損保総研講座・損保一般試験受験等)があります。