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AIG Japan to Enhance Governance with Appointment of Outside Directors

AIG Japan Holdings KK is pleased to announce the appointment Mr. Genichi Tamatsuka and Mr. Koichi Tanaka as independent outside directors as of June 26, 2015.

The appointments come as AIG Japan Holdings – which oversees the operation and management of AIG Inc.’s companies in Japan – moves to strengthen corporate governance in its local operation and deepen its commitment to the Japanese market by inviting distinguished corporate leaders to become independent outside directors.

“I am very pleased and excited to welcome Mr. Tamatsuka and Mr. Tanaka to our board,” said Robert L. Noddin, President and CEO of AIG Japan Holdings.

“I look forward to Mr. Tamatsuka, a president and representative director of leading Japanese retailer, Lawson Inc., sharing his extensive knowledge and insight on the Japanese consumer market with us. I also look forward to Mr. Tanaka, a former representative director of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., a leading global company in Japan, sharing his extensive knowledge about corporate governance with us.”

“I believe both Mr. Tamatsuka and Mr. Tanaka will play an outstanding part in coaching our team and taking us to the next level as we continue to build and refine our customer-centered focus in this market,” Mr. Noddin said.