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Question Answer
How to apply for a job? All full time positions are posted on the AIG website. You can search for various opportunities on the career section of our website.
You can find the company name on the top of the position title.
What happens after I apply?
Our recruiters will review your resume and assess your experiences and skill sets in relation to other candidates. If you qualify, they will forward your profile to the respective hiring manager, and contact you accordingly. Later in the hiring process, we will conduct interviews and a background check
Can I apply for multiple positions? While you can apply for multiple positions, we encourage you to try and narrow down the positions that you are most qualified for. For example, we would not encourage to apply for more than 3 roles at one time.
Can I apply from overseas? Yes.
After checking your application, we will set a date for an online or call interview should you be successful.
I applied before, but was rejected, can I apply again? Yes, as long as it is for a different role