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Thank you for visiting the AIG Japan site and for considering a career at AIG.

AIG offers you world-class opportunities in a broad range of disciplines and here, in Japan, we are one of the largest foreign insurance companies with  a multitude of clients and over 12,000 employees, and a history that goes back over 70years. We strive every day to become the most valued insurer to each and every client regardless of their size.

Our goal in Japan is to be innovative and at the cutting edge in our industry. We continually strive to help our clients better manage and prevent risk and this means being a trusted partner in that process. We are looking for talented individuals who want to work in a leading international organization that places a great emphasis on teamwork and getting things done so that we can better protect our clients.

We are a performance driven culture looking for excellence in all of our people while valuing their diverse backgrounds and talents, and we believe that our workplace is one that fosters and drives such excellence.

If you are the kind of person who wants to make a difference, contribute to a dynamic and innovative business, continue learning and growing, and can make a difference to our Japan operations - whatever your field of expertise - then I would urge you to reach out to our Talent Acquisition team and to consider building your career here at AIG Japan.

Robert L. Noddin
President and CEO
AIG Japan Holdings KK

AIG JAPAN -People and Culture

Our employees work together to foster an environment in which knowledge is cultivated, innovation is encouraged and achievement is rewarded.

A strong work ethic, motivation, and talent are your tickets to success with us, as we provide you with exceptional opportunities for growth throughout our global business.

As we help our clients seize opportunities around the globe, we give you the freedom to chart your own path as you rise to challenges and seize opportunities of your own. And we help support your aspirations in an entrepreneurial environment that is ideal for achieving mutual success – both yours and ours.

We welcome those with a background in Insurance and Finance Industries, as well as consulting firms, or any globally sized and focused company to take the challenge to join us.


In the wake of the global financial crisis, we have put a lot of time, thought, and hard work into rebuilding AIG to be a better organization than it was before. We are a more streamlined, focused company, and we are dedicated to keeping our promises to clients, shareholders, and the public. We are well-respected among our partners and customers in every corner of our business, and around the globe, our employees are passionate about proving that AIG delivers on its commitments.

Japan in particular is at the forefront of this transformation and many of the roles we have give you a direct opportunity to participate in this.

Broad and Diverse Opportunities

As a global company and industry leader, AIG understands that diversity is essential.  Having a diverse workforce enables AIG to easily adapt to the ever changing marketplace demands of the present and better prepare for those to come in the future.  As a diverse company, AIG firmly believes that it must foster and advance a culture of inclusion, in which all employees, regardless of their differences, feel respected and valued.  This culture not only enhances productivity and innovation but also allows AIG to further leverage its distinct competitive advantage in the market.  To learn more about AIG's commitment to diversity, please visit the Global Diversity and Inclusion section of our global website.

AIG Japan-Cultural Transformation

As of 2013, the business felt the need to transform our culture so that we get the best from all of our people and achieve our business goals and become a 'Saisentan' group of companies. We face very tough competition in Japan and we need to distinguish our Group as one where new ideas and processes are embraced and where we are so dynamic and focused on our customers that we can be a leader in our areas of specialty.
As a result of feedback from employees and strategy sessions amongst managers, with our stated goal for growth in Japan, four key areas of behavior were identified.  We believe that if all of our employees focus on these areas and make small changes with our customer in mind that we will collectively succeed as a Group. 

English Speaking Culture

One of the competitive advantages we have as a member of the global One AIG family is the wealth of knowledge, resources, and support available from our worldwide network. As an international firm we must take every opportunity to leverage our global capabilities. To reap the benefits of the strengths of AIG, we cannot be an island unto ourselves in terms of language understanding. We must be able to understand and work better with the world.  Our global colleagues need to be able to better understand us. We owe it to them to make sure that the investments are accessible, reusable, and made available to other locations and in other languages. The ability to communicate in English is a necessary tool in making this happen.


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