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Career @ AIG - Own Your Career

In AIG employees are expected to buy into the philosophy of “Own Your Career.” We encourage and support employees to have a ownership to their career, drive their own development by creating Career Development Plan. The basis of having Career Development Plan is for managers and employees to have a discussions that lead to career progress. Managers support employees to foster improved performance in their employees at AIG.


Global leadership Training

To support the company’s organizational strength, AIG provides leadership training programs at all levels, aligned to a global standard.

English learning

"Multilingualism " is a way of life in AIG, and language learning is supported in a number of ways. Employees have access to a range of classroom and online training programs to support their English learning. Beside formal learning, there are also clubs and other initiatives that encourage use of English through activities and the networking opportunities they provide. However, by far the most significant factor is the opportunity to work in a culturally diverse organization, where English is often the common language of communication. If you want to really use English in your career, AIG can offer that opportunity."

Skills Training

A number skills training programs are available to increase your personal effectiveness and therefore AIG’s business performance, including presentation skills, negotiation skills and other areas of focus. 


Self-access learning resources also give employees the chance to improve their abilities in a flexible way, including a variety of eLearning courses, self-development correspondence courses and insurance knowledge courses.