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Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion in AIG - Approach and Initiatives -

In our AIG global corporate activities, we fulfill our duty to society by being an environmentally responsible corporation and contributing to the development of the regions in which we operate through our products, services, and volunteer activities.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives center on the following three areas: safety (road safety, disease prevention, health issues), security (education on economics for the promotion of regional stability), and disaster aid (disaster prevention measures and restoring infrastructure in disaster-affected regions).

In addition, we are committed to following responsible and ethical business practices by implementing comprehensive corporate governance guidelines and practices and by adhering strictly to compliance policies and regulations. AIG both respects human rights and values diversity and inclusion by embracing the broad range of experiences arising from differences in gender, origin, disabilities, religion, age, sexual orientation and family structure. This enables us to not only provide our staff with a work-friendly environment, but also to deepen our understanding of customers from a broad-based perspective while enhancing innovation and alleviating risk, making AIG even more competitive in the global market.

We recognize the highly social and public nature of the insurance market in Japan and incorporate CSR into all of our operations, from the development of insurance products to the enrolment of customers, the provision of insurance, and the paying out of insurance benefits. AIG carries out corporate activities in line with the needs of each region in which we operate so that we are in sync with the local community.

Our commitment to practicing diversity and inclusion extends to the AIG management level, with senior managers participating on councils for promoting initiatives on Gender, Work-Life Balance, Disability, Generation, and LGBT issues. We also encourage AIG staff to independently exchange information and to actively network through our five groups: Working Families, Women & Allies, Young Professionals, LGBT & Allies, and Language and Cultural Exchange.