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AIG Japan Group assumed the role of official sponsor of the KidZania Tokyo fire station pavilion on October 5th, 2016, which the logo and branding changing from “American Home Direct” to “AIG” on that date. American Home Assurance Company has sponsored the pavilion since KidZania Tokyo’s launch in 2006.

The change is in line with AIG’s new business strategy and the launch of the ACTIVE CARE concept announced on August 26th, 2016. In addition to the existing activities focused on firefighting equipment and extinguishing fires, the pavilion now includes an expanded range of content related to fire risk, fire prevention.

AIG’s ACTIVE CARE, as the name implies, involves actively caring for customers before, during and after all of life’s major milestones. The primary aim is to make the insurance experience more enjoyable for customers by being intuitive, preventive and innovative. ACTIVE CARE is as much about preventing bad things from happening in the first place as it is about dealing with the consequences of adverse events. Teaching children about fire risk and fire prevention in an experiential setting is one example of the ACTIVE CARE concept in action.