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About Us

American International Group (AIG) is one of the world’s largest insurance organizations. For nearly one hundred years, our organization has faced and managed complex risks; and provided the risk expertise and financial strength that empowers clients in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. Today, our organization is evolving to better meet our clients’ needs.

In Japan, AIG General Insurance Company, American Home Assurance Company, and JI Accident & Fire Insurance provide best-in-class insurance products and services. Other AIG companies support our clients in Japan through a variety of related operations. AIG Japan Holdings oversees AIG's Japan operation and provides business management services as the insurance holding company to AIG companies in Japan, including those owned by AIG Japan Holdings and other AIG subsidiaries. 


Press Release from AIG companies in Japan

Press Release for AIG General Insurance Company, Ltd., American Home Assurance Company, Ltd., and Website for AIG Partners KK are only available in Japanese.

AIG General Insurance Company, Ltd.
American Home Assurance Company, Ltd.
Techmark Japan KK
AIG Partners KK